The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

We Are. - The #1 Los Angeles Barber Shop

ManShave Barber Lounge is a unique barbershop experience, offering an innovative and inviting atmosphere, where barbers aim to please and create a rewarding experience. We are trendsetters. We are the cornerstone of what’s to come in the barbering industry.

Our Story

We want your hair to look fabulous, luminous and healthy.

Our story began with two individuals who sought to make a change. We wanted to provide a place that wowed — to go beyond  just the experience of sitting in the chair and to set trends among what you should expect from your barber family. Manshave came from the idea of a man cave, a place where customers can come get good service, while lounging and enjoying our many other amenities. Imagine sitting in a deluxe lounge chair, sipping champagne while waiting for your haircut and shave. We want your next haircut to be something you look forward to – and we’re pretty sure you can get excited about what the unparalleled experience we provide.

Our Commitment

We care about your hair and your well-being.

Our commitment is to offer professional and consistent service and place that you can feel cares about your every need. ManShave’s mission is to be the gold standard for barbers everywhere. We want the world to see that our barbershop is about more than just cutting your hair – we’re providing an experience of comfort, class and luxury.