Thes best Barber Shop In Los Angeles

Welcome to ManShave Barber Lounge – the most exclusive barber shop experiences in Los Angeles. The idea for our barber shop came from the idea of a man cave (hence the name). It was intended to be a place where customers can come to get good service, while lounging and enjoying our many other amenities. Imagine sitting in a deluxe lounge chair, sipping champagne or cognac while waiting for your haircut and shave. Imagine that, instead of rushing to leave after the barber has finished tending to your needs, you sit back down in the lounge to finish watching the football game on one of our multiple flat-screen TVs in our lounge. We want your next haircut to be something you look forward to. We want the experience to be nothing like you’ve had at any other barber shop – we’re sure you can get excited about what the unparalleled experience we provide.

Between our innovative and inviting atmosphere and our best-in-class barbers, we know you’ll have nothing but the most rewarding experience. We are trendsetters. We are the cornerstone of what’s to come in the barbering industry – a barber shop that embodies a high-class place to hang out.

The origins of Manshave

ManShave began as a shared idea between two individuals who wanted to shake things up in the world of barbering. They wanted to be more than just another Los Angeles barber shop. They wanted to provide a place that stood apart from every other barber shop — a place that went far beyond the experience of just sitting in the chair. The ManShave founders’ mission is to set trends among what should be expected from your barber family.

We want to satisfy more than just your need for a haircut.

The commitment of our barber shop is to offer professional service that you can count on in addition to a place that you retreat to when you need a break from your daily routine. ManShave’s mission is to be the gold standard for barbers everywhere. We want the world to see that our barbershop is about more than just cutting your hair – we’re providing an experience of comfort, class and luxury..

Experience Manshave

We know that we have the most exclusive lounge, amenities and overall vibe that can be found in LA –there is no other barber shop in Los Angeles that provides the same experience that we do. But we know this because we are here every day! You’ll never know what you’ve been missing out on until you see it for yourself. So, don’t wait! Book an appointment with us today. We promise that you’ll become more than just another satisfied customer – you’ll become a true member of the exclusive club that is Manshave.