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Who’s Got the Best Barber Shop in Los Angeles?

Who's Got the Best Barber Shop in Los Angeles?

Are you always going home unhappy with your haircut? It’s uncommon for men to go through different salons before finding the right fit if they really ever do. The truth is, men belong to barber shops because they can serve to their haircut needs better. Instead of settling with what haircut you have, be fully satisfied by going to the best barber shop in Los Angeles.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

Salons cater to a unisex audience – or so they say. By offering a more “generic” range of haircuts, they are often capable of giving men basic cuts. This isn’t so bad, but if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the future having your hair cut, you might as well do so in a place that specializes in men’s hair. Instead of going to a salon that performs an average job cutting different kinds of hair, you can fare better with a barber who is excellent at cutting a specific kind of hair: men’s.

The question now is finding the right barber shop for you. It is important to find a barber who is confident and experienced. Once you enter his shop, he should be accommodating and friendly. If you have a specific style that you want, he’ll instantly tell you his honest opinion, especially if he knows that you can do better with a different style (he won’t force you, though). Barbers are knowledgeable about which cuts are appropriate for each man’s unique head structure and shape.

The great thing is that barbers give more than just haircuts. You can also relax while the barber trims your beard or mustache, gives you a scalp massage, or treats you with a traditional hot lather shave. All of this is done while engaging in real conversation in a welcoming ambiance. You won’t ever find this in salons, which are like generic chain stores with no personality.

Once you find a good barber that fits your needs, you know that you’ll have a lasting relationship with each other. There is nothing like this experience. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that most barber shops are located in historic areas or buildings, adding to a really authentic vibe. It doesn’t matter if your barber of choice has a shop that is vibrant and modern or one that is vintage and homey. The real deal lies in the people – the barbers – themselves.

When you find someone who you feel most comfortable with and who is able to give your hair the exact cut and treatment that you’re looking for, then you will know that you have found the best barber shop in all of Los Angeles.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

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New Barber Shop in Los Angeles

New Barber Shop in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a good barber shop in Los Angeles? Then you’re on the right track. A lot of men have been getting their hair cut in unisex salons, which is fine, but barbers are so much more qualified to handle men’s hair.

First of all, barbers are trained to cut men’s hair specifically. Years of hands-on experience have given them knowledge and skill to know exactly what you need even before you speak a word.

Secondly, the entire experience is one of a kind. It’s not just about getting your hair cut properly. It’s about being a part of a warm and friendly community with authentic values. It’s about keeping tradition alive and passing it over to the generations to come.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

Beyond Cutting Hair

One of the unique offerings barber shops in Los Angeles have is a clean shave. While some barbers have strayed off of tradition by using electric razors, a lot of barber shops still use traditional single-blade shaves. For many men, you are not considered a real man unless you experience getting one – at least once in your life. This is one of the most genuine experiences that a barber can offer.

In fact, the entire experience is really authentic. You get to sit in old school barber chairs with arm rests, just like the ones you used to see in movies. The barbers are friendly and engage you in fun conversations. You form a bond with them and the other patrons who become regulars in that joint. It’s not simply about masculinity – it is about the brotherhood and friendship as well.

A Grand Tradition

Here is a preview of a common barber shop experience: Once you sit on the chair, a barber will wrap your face with a relaxing hot towel. Then, he will massage your head with cream to clean your skin and its pores. More hot towels will come into play. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed (some even fall asleep). Even better is the next part – the barber will massage your face to soften the mustache or beard before trimming. With a warm lather unlike those you buy from supermarkets, the next step is shaving. Using a straight razor, the barber will scrape off the facial hair. Shaving at home cannot come close to this. You will have the best, cleanest, closest shave of your life. Finally, when the shaving is over, your face will be treated with another hot towel and massage combo before you get up. You’ll leave the barber shop as if you are an entirely new man – all clean and refreshed.

This is a great activity to do on your own. It is even better to share the experience with your son. There’s no better bonding activity than going to your barbers and being treated to a haircut and shave. This could even be the start of your own father-son tradition that you can continue for years to come!

Barber shops offer something no other place can give you. Finding a great barber shop in Los Angeles can be the next best thing that you can gift yourself with.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

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Need a New Barber Shop in Los Angeles?

Need a New Barber Shop in Los Angeles?

Looking for a barber shop in Los Angeles can be exhausting for some men. Make no mistake – there are tons of them around. The only problem is looking for the right one. To help new customers out, here are some pointers you may want to consider before getting a haircut.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

Confidence Means Trust

Now, a barber should be 100% confident. Don’t settle for anything less, because you are going to be giving him free rein over your mane. A confident barber will have the ability to look straight into your eyes with a flair of “I know what I’m doing and I can do it well!” and give a warm smile or a strong handshake the moment you enter his shop. Anyone who does otherwise – avoiding eye contact and not engaging in socialization – does not deserve your trust.

Plus, look for someone who is confident in giving his own recommendations (about hair styles or cuts) based on your unique facial structure. This shows he has experience in this field of work. Unconfident barbers won’t go as far as disagree with your request. He should have the balls to speak up if he thinks you can do better than your current hairdo. (Of course, a client still has the last word, so if you really want to end up with a crappy haircut, he will gladly oblige.)

Personal Grooming Matters

First impressions matter. A well-groomed barber reflects professionalism. If a barber isn’t able to maintain a clean shave or groom his hair neatly, how else can he do the same for another man? Always pay attention to his appearance. Yes, we were taught “not to judge books by their covers” but this is the ONE exception to that rule.

Shop Organization Also Matters

To piggyback on what we just said, you should also take notice of the barber shop’s cleanliness and organization. If you enter a shop and you feel uncomfortable because of the overall ambiance or disorder, head out the door right away. Even if it has been decades since the “lice shops” were a real problem in the country (thanks to city health regulations), it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Barber-Client Relationship: Importance of Proper Communication

Another important factor is to see if your barber asks the right questions. As soon as you sit down, you should be able to gauge if he does. If the first question goes something like “what number do you want” for the side of your head, get up and leave that shop. A proper barber will never rely on his clipper guards for the entire haircut. This is a sign of laziness and/or lack of skill. You can do better with someone who will put in more time and effort to give you the best cut you deserve.

Don’t forget about these pointers when picking a barber shop in Los Angeles. It may sound like a gruesome task at first. But don’t worry, because once you find the right man for the job, you’re going to spend a lifetime enjoying a good barber-client relationship.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

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Do You Love Your Los Angeles Barber Shop?

Do You Love Your Los Angeles Barber Shop?

Men have more limited options than women when it comes to getting their hair cut. These options are even more limited should you choose to go to a salon. They wash your hair and cut it, but that’s all of it. If you want to have more services tailored to your specific needs, you best go to a barber shop in Los Angeles instead.

This is because salons are specialized in catering to women’s hair, not men’s. Aside from basic services, there isn’t much they can offer to guys. Men need barbers for beard trimming, mustache trimming, line up, scalp massage, and others. But the biggest signature service only done in barber shops is the hot lather shave using traditional straight razors. No salon offers this. For this reason alone, you should find a barber shop in Los Angeles that you love and would keep coming back to.

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

Specialty Products for Men

Unknown to many, barber shops in Los Angeles carry top-of-the-line products specific to the needs of men. Sure, salons have styling and washing products, but they don’t have any that are designed for men’s hair. Such products include mousses and pomades. Even more important is the barber himself. He will be able to give his professional opinion on which products would be best for your hair type.

Barbers are the Practical Choice

With so many barber shops to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in all of the choices. Do a simple Google search and you’ll be blown away by just how many barber shops there are in Inglewood. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to narrow down the field. Take a look at how many of those barber shops have websites. There’s only a handful. Now, look at the websites themselves – most of them do not provide a very welcoming design. What does that say about the shop if the website is sub-par? Are we saying that barber shops that have either no website or a substandard one will give you a bad haircut? No. But we are saying that, in today’s world, it’s far easier to find a dependable barber shop if their quality is on display online for all to see.

But there’s more – of course. Barbers will also give you a hot lather shave and a massage. You can ask everything you want regarding the right hair style, cut, and products and you are assured of the best advice available.

Plus, nothing beats the conversations that happen in barber shops. Relationships between barbers and their clients are strong and last for lifetimes. This is why it is common for men to have just one barber their entire life.

There’s nothing wrong with going to a unisex salon, but it is also undeniable that barber shops can offer so much more to men. And we’re not just talking about services and products. We’re also talking about the friendship and professionalism that comes with the job.

Do you love your Los Angeles barber shop? What services do you like the most?

The Best Los Angeles Barber Shop

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Choosing the Best Barber Shop in Inglewood

Choosing the Best Barber Shop in Inglewood

Welcome back to the official ManShave Barber Lounge blog. We’ve previously discussed some of the different types of barber shops that can be found in and around Inglewood. However, today we want to focus on how you can choose the best barber shop in Inglewood. With so many different barber shops, all having their own distinct styles and experience, we want to help you to narrow down your search so that you can find the best place in Inglewood.

Ask Around.

One of the best ways to find a high-quality barber shop in Inglewood is to ask the people around you about the best places. You’ll be sure to find good recommendations from the people that you trust. If a barber shop is generating a lot of buzz, that’s a good sign. At ManShave, we’ve been getting a lot of good feedback and are starting to get a high numer of word-of-mouth visitors. The reason? We strive to be the best barber shop in Inglewood.

Search Online.

With so many barber shops to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in all of the choices. Do a simple Google search and you’ll be blown away by just how many barber shops there are in Inglewood. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to narrow down the field. Take a look at how many of those barber shops have websites. There’s only a handful. Now, look at the websites themselves – most of them do not provide a very welcoming design. What does that say about the shop if the website is sub-par? Are we saying that barber shops that have either no website or a substandard one will give you a bad haircut? No. But we are saying that, in today’s world, it’s far easier to find a dependable barber shop if their quality is on display online for all to see.

Search for the Best Bang for your Buck.

A good barber shop will have a good balance between cost and quality. With all of the barber shops to choose from in Inglewood, you can’t do any better than the experience at ManShave. Our prices are clearly displayed in the menu on our site, however, the value comes not in just the haircut you receive, but the environment in which you receive it. Our barber lounge is a deluxe experience that comes at an affordable price that you would be hard-pressed to beat in Inglewood.

Find a Place That Feels Comfortable.

For many people, going to the barber shop is a regular habit. This means that you will be spending a lot of time throughout the months and years visiting the same place over and over. If this is the case, it goes without saying that you should enjoy your time there. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a barber shop in Inglewood, and it just so happens to be something that ManShave excels at providing. Every other barber shop in Inglewood is just that – a barber shop. We at ManShave are the only barber lounge in Inglewood. We offer a place where you can feel better than you do at home – with refreshments, comfortable lounge chairs and gorgeous, flat screen TVs.

Go Where the Barbers Do a Good Job.

This is probably the most important thing to look for when choosing a barber shop in Inglewood. In order to ensure the barbers at the location you choose are doing a good job, you should read reviews on the shop, ask people who you know that have gone there about their experience and read about the shop on their website, as well as viewing their portfolio. You can find all of those things at ManShave. Every customer that visits our barber lounge raves about their experience. You can also find our portfolio on our site to see the handiwork of our barbers, such as our head barber, TJ, who is a professionally trained barber with over 14 years of both barber and cosmetology experience.

Hopefully, this list gives you a good idea of the barber shops in Inglewood, how to find the best, and most importantly, why ManShave Barber Lounge is the best in town! Schedule an appointment today to get the exclusive ManShave experience that you’ve been missing. You’ll never look at going to the barber the same way again.

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Types of Inglewood Barber Shops – The Best Inglewood Barbershop

Types of Inglewood barber shops

These days, there are any number of barber shops of salons that you can go to. In and around the Inglewood alone, there are hundreds of different barber shops to choose from. It’s completely understandable that, with that many options, it can be near impossible to know which barber shop to choose. In today’s post, we are going to examine some of the different types of barber shops in Inglewood so that you can get a better idea of what each has to offer and the type of experience you can expect from each one.


Inglewood Barber Shop

Almost everyone knows about this type of shop. These are unisex salons where men, women and children are able to go to get their hair cut. Typically, these types of shops are run by licensed cosmetologists. Cosmetology and barbering differ mainly in that barbering tends to focus more heavily on men’s hairstyles and facial hair, while cosmetology covers a broader range of hair treatments, cuts and styles for both sexes. There is sometimes an overlap in training for both barbering and cosmetology in salons, but this is not especially common.

The other consideration for salons is that they typically come in two varieties – local and chain salons. If you go to a salon, the chances are probably very high that it’s a chain such as Supercuts or Great Clips. However, there are also a number of reputable local salons in Inglewood that are owner-managed and operated.

Barber Shops

Barber Shop Inglewood

Like salons, barber shops in Inglewood and the surrounding areas come in the both the local and chain varieties. One of the most common chains of barber shops would be Sport Clips. Also, similar to salons, there can be an overlap in training certifications. However, you’ll mostly find barbers that are trained solely in barbering. Barber shops will vary greatly in the atmosphere and style. Some are more focused on providing services in a family setting, while others cater to older crowds. You’ll also find a wide range of barber shops in Inglewood that offer their services based on different niches and ethnicities.

What to Expect

If you’re reading this on the ManShave blog, then the chances are high that you’re looking for a barber shop in Inglewood and not a salon. Assuming that’s the case, let’s talk about the best barber shop in Inglewood – ManShave Barber Lounge.

What makes ManShave the best? The first thing you’ll notice is that we are one of the few barber shops in all of Inglewood and the surrounding cities with a website – and our website is something we are very proud of. It showcases the deluxe experience that you can expect when you arrive in our lounge. That’s right – we called it a lounge.

Unlike the other barber shops around Inglewood, we offer an experience that does not fall within the range of what you would expect from your local barber. In addition to the top-quality training of our barbers and excellent barber amenities, we also offer an exclusive lounge where you can enjoy watching TV on our high definition flat screens and enjoy refreshments, all while sitting on some of the most comfortable couches in town. Don’t just take our word for it!  Book an appointment today to see the ManShave experience for yourself and you’ll never go to another barber again.

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The man behind the chair: Tyron Jacobs

Welcome to the official ManShave Barber Lounge blog!

We are pleased that you are here to read and learn more about the best barber shop in all of Inglewood and Greater Los Angeles. We set out on a mission to create the most luxurious, unique barber shop experience and to completely revolutionize the concept of your local barber.

On this blog, we will regularly feature news, updates and other information about our barber shop, products, services and team members.

This week, we are featuring a main fixture in our shop – and it isn’t the barber chair, but the man standing behind it!

Beyond the chair, with Tyron Jacobs

barber shop inglewood

When visiting the ManShave Barber Lounge in Inglewood, you will most likely encounter the man running the show – Tyron Jacobs, or TJ.

TJ has been a barber in Los Angeles, CA for over 14 years. It was more than just his entrepreneurial drive that led him to become a barber. TJ also believed that he had been blessed with a gift from above to provide excellent customer service in the form of barbering. This is apparent from the moment you walk in the door at ManShave. TJ has cultivated a professional, yet comfortable experience at the ManShave Barber lounge that grows naturally from his dedication to his craft.

Specializing in all areas of barbering, TJ honed his skills while attending the Bayview Barber College in San Francisco, CA. He believes it was the one of the best choices he made after realizing how great and detailed of a barber he had become.

We sat down with TJ to learn a little bit more about his experience and what motivates him, as he leads his team at the premier barber shop in Inglewood.

Why did you decide to become a barber?

“Why? Because I love making people look good. Your image is everything. Knowing that I have made a client satisfied and feeling good makes me feel outstanding.”

How long have you been a barber?

“I have been a barber and stylist for over 14 years, also crossing over to cosmetology.”

What is your favorite hairstyle of all time?

“My favorite cut of all time is a dark Caesar — a low, even hair cut with a crispy straight line up.”

In one sentence, what would you say your top priority is for each of your customers?

“To provide a great service, and a memorable experience.”

Sitting and speaking with TJ, you get a sense that he is absolutely in his element at ManShave. Never one to shy away from cracking a smile or playfully joking with his clientele, you see his passion and professionalism come to the forefront the very moment someone is sitting in his barber chair.

You instantly get a sense that, not only does he know exactly what he is doing, but that he also knows precisely how to make his customers feel absolutely satisfied with the look that they leave the barber shop with. This goes for every customer that he works with – from his youngest, most inexperienced customers, to the seasoned veterans, that have been going to barber shops their entire lives – TJ is there serving up his dedication and passion to each and every one, and he does it all with a smile.

That’s probably one of the most valuable things that makes ManShave so popular with its clientele – it’s not just the luxurious environment, flat screen TVs, refreshments, Wi-Fi, or the plush lounge chairs that makes everyone feel so comfortable and at home. It’s the infectious love and dedication that TJ pours into the service he and his team provides.

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