Types of Inglewood barber shops

These days, there are any number of barber shops of salons that you can go to. In and around the Inglewood alone, there are hundreds of different barber shops to choose from. It’s completely understandable that, with that many options, it can be near impossible to know which barber shop to choose. In today’s post, we are going to examine some of the different types of barber shops in Inglewood so that you can get a better idea of what each has to offer and the type of experience you can expect from each one.


Inglewood Barber Shop

Almost everyone knows about this type of shop. These are unisex salons where men, women and children are able to go to get their hair cut. Typically, these types of shops are run by licensed cosmetologists. Cosmetology and barbering differ mainly in that barbering tends to focus more heavily on men’s hairstyles and facial hair, while cosmetology covers a broader range of hair treatments, cuts and styles for both sexes. There is sometimes an overlap in training for both barbering and cosmetology in salons, but this is not especially common.

The other consideration for salons is that they typically come in two varieties – local and chain salons. If you go to a salon, the chances are probably very high that it’s a chain such as Supercuts or Great Clips. However, there are also a number of reputable local salons in Inglewood that are owner-managed and operated.

Barber Shops

Barber Shop Inglewood

Like salons, barber shops in Inglewood and the surrounding areas come in the both the local and chain varieties. One of the most common chains of barber shops would be Sport Clips. Also, similar to salons, there can be an overlap in training certifications. However, you’ll mostly find barbers that are trained solely in barbering. Barber shops will vary greatly in the atmosphere and style. Some are more focused on providing services in a family setting, while others cater to older crowds. You’ll also find a wide range of barber shops in Inglewood that offer their services based on different niches and ethnicities.

What to Expect

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